Web design for Small and Medium Businesses

Every successful business starts with a great website and we deliver you the same. Being the top-notch Website Designing Company In Lagos, we have the best team to create freshly brewed designs to give an extra edge to your business that opens up the opportunities for you. Designing a great website requires skills and creative insights and we have it both that turns your visual image into virtual reality. We understand web designing completely. That’s why our affordable web solutions impress our clients. We are authentic one stop solution to all of your web related needs. Our experienced, innovative & dedicated team will definitely offer your dream website. We know that the market is competitive. So, our well planned internet marketing strategies will help you in standing out from the crowd. You will certainly appear on the top of the searches with our effective SEO promotions. Q. How much does it cost to own a business website? At the moment, we are offering 50% discount, this means that our BASIC PACKAGE is now N15, 000 while CLASSIC PACKAGE is N25,000 Q. How do I check the availability of my domain name? We help you check domain availability free of charge and also advise you professionally on how to choose the best domain name. Q. What is business email? A. It is an established fact that prospective customers tend to take you more seriously and trust you when you use business/corporate emails (e.g. info@abc.com, sales@abc.com etc.) for business communication. The business email package gives you the opportunity to have access to these amazing benefits: emails@yourcompanyname, a free domain name, free web hosting and a robust website. These features will give your business/organization the much needed serious, standard and professional look for your business to compete and succeed. Q. Why should i use business email? A. Getting business email gives you your own online identity. The package comes with corporate email(s) - helping you do all your communications with your own name, giving you a more serious look. a robust website making information 'about your business/organization', 'what you do' and 'how to contact you readily available to prospective clients. free listing on our online directory ensuring that your business/organization becomes easily findable by prospective clients from a global market. Once the package has been set up, it comes with everything required (technology-wise) for you to begin receiving emails immediately after set-up. There is No need to buy a separate web hosting package or domain name etc. It all comes in the same box Q. What is free email? A. Simply put, Free email services is when you choose to be using emails like yahoo.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com etc for business communication. These emails are not paid emails, therefore they are not secured to be using for business purposes. The risks are numerous. it can be hacked, used to defraud your clients, it does not portray your business as a credible one. Have you seen serious businesses like banks using free email like gtbank@yahoo.com communicating business? how would you feel if you receive an email from diamondbank@gmail.com? won't you feel you are about to be scammed? info@gtbank.com looks more serious and professional than gtbank@yahoo.com Not being able to pay for your own name makes customers feel you are cheap Your own business email adds credibility and shows that you are here to stay. Free emails can be easily hijacked and used to defraud Having email addresses such asinfo@yourdomain, sales@yourdomain, support@yourdomain creates the impression that your business is big and well organized Q. Why business email? A. Have you ever seen any standard business, for example a bank, using a yahoo, gmail or hotmail email address to communicate with their customers? What would you think if you got an email from zenithbank@yahoo.com or accessbankplc@gmail.com? Consider the following: How do you feel when you get a business related email from a dangotegroup@hotmail.com? Rather unprofessional! Believe it or not, about 80% of Nigerian SMEs use emails that follow this form. What do you think about a business whose MD has his business card reading dapo778@yahoo.com or mikekennedy88@gmail.com? Very unserious looking! But over 95% of Nigerian one-man run businesses (general contractors, building contractors, suppliers etc.) and small-scale businesses use these kinds of email addresses to do all their business communication with corporate bodies. The truth is that the financial success of every business, either one-man or more, is largely determined by how it is perceived by potential clients. It is our desire to help change every creamycakes@yahoo to bookings@creamycakes and every crestconsulting@hotmail to enquiries@crestconsulting or info@crestconsulting or both if so desired Q. Is there any annual payment? A. Yes! There is an annual payment but a token. There is 50% off the amount on any package chosen. You can also avoid yearly payment by choosing a lifetime package. Choosing a lifetime package allows you to pay once and enjoy the platform forever without any further payment Q. What type of website comes with business website package? A. A very robust business web site comes with each package you buy. It also comes with free domain, free hosting, business listing and many more Q. Why free domain and hosting? A. HMS believes in adding values to your business, we believe in being part of your success story that is why we package everything needed to make your business grow in one basket. Free domain, free hosting, robust business website, business listing and more Q. How long does it take to set up a business website? A. Once you complete the online form, make appropriate payment for the selected package; your business email package takes 24 hours to be active online; up and running. You start making use of the website, business email, online listing and more Q. What kind of domain comes with business website? A. We have provided A free .com.ng, and .com domain for you. It is free forever; only pay yearly access charge which is reduced by 50% the second year and subsequent years. The good news is you can also use any other domain you like e.g, .net, .org .biz .ng and more. The cost of the domain will be added to the package chosen and must be serviced yearly Q. Can i switch package or upgrade my present package? A. Yes you can always upgrade. You only need to pay the difference price between the two packages. An upgrade can be done from your dashboard by yourself. You can also instruct HMS to upgrade on your behalf. No charges attached. Q. How do i get started? A. All you have to do is Click package on the homepage, select package, and complete the form. It takes less than 2 minutes. Set up the website, make payment for the package selected and we will activate it immediately your payment is confirmed Q. How much does business website package cost? A. Business website comes in two packages; Basic is N30,000/per year; Classic is N50,000/Year; However, there is 50% reduction in the subsequent years Q. Do you design custom website? A. Yes! we build custom web application. Talk to HMS our web application starts from N600,000 and depending on the robustness and complexity of the project Q. How can i oder for a custom website? A. Visit us at No31, Ogunlana drive Surulere Lagos; OR Send an email to: info@hmsnigeria.net.ng Or Call 234-903-117-8888. Visit our corporate website: CLICK ME Q. I have a website, can i still get business email package? A. Yes! We can integrate it on your existing website. You are to pay 50% charges Q. Do i need to be a programmer before editing my website? A. You can always edit everything on your website. You do not need to be a programmer to be able to work on your website. Microsoft word knowledge is enough. We can also help edit anything you want freely. Doesn't cost a dime Our FAQ does not answer your questions? Send an email to: help@hmsnigeria.net.ng

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